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Phone Service

You might be familiar with VoIP and not even know it. Often, when another cable or Internet company offers a “Triple Play” consisting of TV, Internet and phone service, they’re actually offering VoIP service.

Most VoIP providers offer nationwide service so you don’t pay long distance when making calls all over the country. Many services also offer international calling packages that make it much more affordable to make calls outside of the United States.

Regular digital phones are compatible with VoIP systems, and most VoIP providers will provide you with a device to connect your phones to the digital VoIP, or they’ll provide the phone hardware itself.

DreamFiber Homes does not offer VoIP service, but our Concierge team is happy to provide you with options from various providers that will meet your needs. 

VoIP Phone Service Providers

Vonage logoVonage

Vonage is one of the top home phone service providers, offering great features and low rates on domestic and international calling plans.

1-VoIP logo1-VoIP

1-VoIP is a leading VoIP provider offering residential and business VoIP service with premium features at lower costs.

PhonePower logoPhonePower VoIP

PhonePower VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides landline quality phone service to residential customers with phone plans to meet your financial needs.

ooma logoOoma

Ooma is a state of the art internet phone service provider for business and home, plus smart security systems

AXvoice logoAXvoice

With plans starting at $4.99, AXvoice is a premium VoIP service provider offering Internet based VoIP phone service for home and business use.