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Lightning Speed Wifi
with Extended Range

What is HomePass?

HomePass is a self-optimizing WiFi system for the home. It replaces the WiFi on your router or modem to provide fast, reliable connection in every inch of your home.

With HomePass, you receive unparalleled controls over your guest and family’s access to the internet. AI Security provides protection for your devices as it continuously monitors them for suspicious activity.

How does HomePass work?

HomePass is powered by the cloud, which means it can adapt to real life in real-time, ensuring that every room and every device has reliable and fast connection now and into the future. Simply order the number of pods you need for your home, then connect a SuperPod to your modem, download the HomePass app and go through the quick set up process.

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Self-install steps

  1. Create an account
  2. Connect your pods
  3. Set your WiFi credentials
  4. Place your pods
  5. Pods will connect & update
  6. Disconnect your old WiFi

N Self-installation complete!

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Customized Management

Manage your network your way. With the Homepass app, you can set up individual user profiles, group devices by user, and view network access at a glance.
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Automatic AdBlocking

Enjoy an ad-free experience with automatic adblocking from known adservers.
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Total Visibility at a Glance

Visualize pod and device activity via the app. You’ll get a holistic view of your home network and the power to monitor your home for unusual activity.